Quality Fuel Options for Your Different Needs

Mort Distributing, Inc. takes pride in our bulk fuel delivery. If you need up to 15 gallons or 11,000 gallons for any major work, our team has you covered. We make sure you have the best fuel. Whether it’s for your farm or construction equipment, we can keep your drilling rigs and trucks running.We supply high-grade fuel options to help keep your operations running even in the middle of summer or -40 degree winters.

Diesel Fuels

#1 and #2 off- and on-road premium diesel fuel. Let us know how much you need. Our team can provide it at competitive pricing and with the best delivery service.

  • #1 and #2 Premium and Winterized Diesel Fuels
  • Jet Fuel
  • P40 Winter Fuel

Conventional and E-10 Gasoline

We’ll take your C-Store or Truckstop to a new level with the most recognized names in the fuel industry such as ExxonMobil. Choose from major brands with great consumer programs for these different gasoline grades:

  • 87e10
  • 87 Conventional
  • 91e10
  • 91 Conventional
  • AV Gas

Delivering Any Time

We know that unexpected things happen on the job such as running out of fuel. Call us and we’ll solve the problem. Our team will send you the package regardless of the time or weather.





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Bulk Fuel


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